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Qi Wireless Charging

Qi – is the Chinese term for ‘energy flow’, pronounced as ‘chee’ in ‘cheese’ is the widespread standard for wireless charging of the battery operated gadgets such as mobile phones, iPods, Mp3’s and cameras. With this particular technology the electromagnetic coils that send out and receive the charge are specifically safeguarded to lessen electromagnetic rays.

Electromagnetic Induction – Basic Principle of Qi Wireless Charging

The wireless power transfer happens via electromagnetic induction. With the inductive charging the necessary power gets to the device not through the conventional cable but instead wirelessly with the use of electromagnetic fields.

Wireless Charging is not a real brand-new technology. Electric tooth brushes have used the concepts of inductive charging for several years.

Qi Wireless Charging runs on the resonant inductive combining between sender i.e., the charging station and the recipient i.e., the mobile device. A normal test “ping” signal is sent by the charger to check  for devices and a ping is sent back, informing the Qi enabled charger platform that a Qi appropriate cell phone exists.

The charger inspects the phone to see if it is compatible to the Qi standard. As soon as Qi compatibility and the power speed is determined, the induction charging starts. While charging the charger and phone stay in contact and will automatically go into standby mode as soon as the battery is completely charged.

Advantages of Qi Wireless Charging

The most significant benefit of Qi Wireless Charging technology is that cellular phones and battery chargers from various manufactures are suitable. The solely requirement is which both the parts – the sender and the receiver – complete the Qi requirements. Hence, each Qi enabled gadgets are suitable with every single Qi charging transmitter, irrespective of the producer or make of the device.

The amount of enabled devices is continuously increasing as Qi wireless charging technologies are incorporated by an ever growing list of makers. This enables us to charge the numerous battery operated electronic digital devices with merely a single charging station.

Qi chargers are also energy efficient and only trigger and exchange energy when an enabled device requesting charging is positioned next to the charger.

Is my phone compatible?

There is a growing number of phone available that support Qi, the latest Samsung and Xiaomi phones have this built in.

There is an official list of Qi enabled phones.; if you do not have one of the phones listed you might be able to add the function, there are universal Qi charging modules that can be installed behind the battery, some Samsung phones have their own easy to install charger and iPhone 6 can enable the function with a charger case.

What charger can i use?

Any Qi labeled charger is compatible with all Qi devices so there is no hassle with compatibility. When it come so chargers there is an increasing number of styles.

Dedicated charger: A Qi charger pad or platform that you can place the phone on, there are many of these available and come in a wide variety of styles.

Embedded Qi Charger: A charger integrated into another appliance such as your desk lamp. Qi embedded chargers are still rare but gaining traction.

DIY Integration: If you are technical minded you can grab a Qi charger coil and install it into your desk, table or even inside another appliance. For example you can hollow out a section underneath your desk and install the charger. Then when your phone is in the right place on the desk it will charge. From the top the desk looks normal, but underneath is the charger.

Our range of Qi chargers cover both Dedicated and DIY setups.

Every device has its very own exclusive charger. When we buy a new devices we need to add a new charger to our collection. We immediately find ourselves with a complicated stack of various chargers. Qi wireless charging gives us a big relief that we no longer need separate chargers for each device, no more cable spaghetti, no more unfilled batteries and theses serve as the best advantages to Qi.

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